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We wanted to create a practice hands on and educational experince for our audeince without the financial risk before we drop a REAL NFT project! These playing cards will not be on a block chain and will simply act as a way to gain exposure and education to the NFT world. A “practice” NFT if you will - therefor there’s no financial risk! There will only be a limited amount and only sold for a TEN DAYS!



LC Purple Logo - 50%

White Background - 50%

Mountain Stamp - 30%


• 2 Exclusive Card Holder Only Zoom Events (this includes a concert/meet and greet along with and NFT learning experience)
• Access To a Private Discord Channel
• Whitelist Access to our Upcoming NFT Project “Lola”


** Disclaimer: These are not true NFTs and will not be on a blockchain therefor ARE NOT equipped to be traded, sold, etc. after initial purchase. These samples act as a practice tool. All “NFT Playing Card” purchases are final.

"NFT" Playing Card #07

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