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What are NFT's?

Let’s keep this short - NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. 
An NFT is a digital asset that is unique and irreplaceable. The reason they are unique and irreplaceable is all thanks to something we call the blockchain.


All in all the blockchain is really giant hard drive that records EVERY TRANSACTION EVER throughout the crypto world.

What value can I gain from investing in an NFT?

This is a loaded question... To keep it short NFT's can provide anything from financial freedom, to a long term investment, to owning a piece of art by your favorite artist, or even a piece of land in a video game and the list goes on. NFT's are now even becoming your ticket into private events and concerts. 

What are NFT Playing Cards?: 

NFT Playing Cards are a concept that Coulter Crew team member Mae Curtis came up with in order to ease the country music fan community into the NFT concept. These playing cards have assets and rarity behind them as true NFTs would. These will help us provide you with more context and education behind the NFT world. The biggest and most important difference to point out is that there is no financial risk because these aren’t on a blockchain. 


**This is where our DISCLAIMER comes in:  These are not true NFTs and will not be on a blockchain therefor ARE NOT equipped to be traded, sold, etc. after initial purchase. These samples act as a practice tool. All “NFT Playing Card” purchases are final.**

I’m already invested and educated on NFTs why would I want to purchase one of these playing cards?:

VALID QUESTION! These playing cards will provide automatic WHITELIST ACCESS to the real NFT project we will be dropping in July.  They will also provide access to TWO card holder only Zoom events. 

Event 1 (6/16/22): The first event will be an hour and a half informative NFT  ZOOM event and will be beneficial to those who are in the very beginning learning stages of the NFT world along with a Q&A and online concert. 

Event 2 (6/23/22): The second hour and a half  ZOOM event will give playing card holders access to a full rundown regarding the project we are dropping in July. The “Lola” project! This will include an online concert and Q&A as well. 

Why are they important to up and coming creatives (specifically artists/musicians)?:

You most likely have seen many of your favorite up and coming artists post about how Spotify and other streaming platforms only pay us a fraction of a cent for ONE STREAM on their platform. This has unfortunately contributed to the “starving artist” stigma. Living on couches and in vans has become glorified when in reality that’s no way for anyone to live. Being an artist is just as much as a job as a 9-5 in an office… so shouldn’t that pay our bills like It would for someone working  a 9-5? You’d be surprised….

I want to be extremely transparent with you guys: Your favorite up and coming artist  contributes well over 40 hours a week to only get paid for the 0-3 shows we play a week (3-9 show hours a week). No payment for the songwriting hours, no payment for the hours of sales/marketing planned, no payment for the photo shoots, or the hours on hours spent trying to book shows, etc. which can make it difficult to even pay bills never mind our art.


At the same time we are trying to create and release music/art for our communities. After the studio time, the photo shoots, hair and makeup expenses, music videos, graphics, etc. these “art projects” have expenses that range anywhere from $1000-$10,000+. The NFT world is allowing creatives like myself the opportunity to truly make profit and expand in providing our communities more from our art.


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